Linkedin Ads: The Complete Listing Guide for Companies

LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional social network. It has, in Brazil alone, more than 32 million users.

In addition to offering countless possibilities for connecting and sharing content, it still has the LinkedIn Ads program, to target and reach buy bahamas email lists specific professionals.

Of course, LinkedIn Ads is a key tool for anyone looking for more results in their digital marketing campaigns.Bahamas Email Lists

However, before creating your first ad, it is important to understand the dynamics of the social network and how to derive more value and results from it .

The more than 159 million unique visitors the platform receives monthly are an opportunity for your company.

In this complete guide, produced by the marketing team of Conversion – Consulting in Marketing and SEO – we will present a  step by step to use with maximum efficiency , everything that Linkedin Ads offers, how to use correctly and the  best strategies to obtain more results .

In addition, we’ll walk you through to create your first ad on LinkedIn Ads .

Content topics:

  1. What is LinkedIn Ads
  2. What does LinkedIn Ads offer advertisers?
  3. How to Create Ads on LinkedIn Ads
  4. Ad Types on LinkedIn
  5. How to Create Your Ads Account on LinkedIn Ads
  6. Step by Step to Create an Ads on LinkedIn Ads
  7. Strategies for Using LinkedIn Ads in Your Business

What is LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn, like all the major social networks in the world, offers the opportunity to impact potential customers in a targeted manner.

This is LinkedIn Ads mission. Basically, it is an ad program (buying qualified traffic).

In this way, you create ads within the platform, which in turn, displays the ad to the people who are ranked within the chosen targeting.

It is a format very similar to that used by Google Ads and Facebook Ads .

What does LinkedIn Ads offer advertisers?

Here, let’s not talk about the possibilities of advertisement, as we will deal with this later in the article.

Let’s talk about the possibilities that LinkedIn offers for its advertisers, in terms of audience and opportunities.

See the opportunities that LinkedIn offers:

  • More than 27 million users in Brazil alone;
  • Of these, about 40% access the platform daily;
  • The interests of the people who access LinkedIn are more focused on professional matters;
  • 92% of B2B companies use LinkedIn;
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

In practice, this brings many opportunities for companies to advertise on LinkedIn Ads.

Firstly, because on LinkedIn the public is much more specific and directed towards business. For B2B companies , it is a great opportunity.

In addition, the interest and all forms of interaction are directed to the professional and corporate environment.

That way, your company can attract qualified leads and reach people who are much more likely to convert.

In summary, for companies doing business with other companies, B2B, LinkedIn is a key tool for the strategy of digital marketing and buying traffic.

In recent years, the LinkedIn Ads tool has evolved a lot, and today offers numerous targeting possibilities.

This greatly increases the range of strategies that can be used.

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