Animated GIFs for your company’s Facebook page

Have you ever seen how big companies like Netflix, Coca-Cola or McDonald’s use animated GIFs on their Facebook pages? Nowadays, animated GIFs are a very popular and efficient tool for our content on social networks. In this article I will talk about the animated GIFs of Facebook, why use them and what tools to use to create or take them buy antigua barbuda email lists from the web and take them to your Facebook page.

The GIF name corresponds to Graphics Interchange Format or Graphics Exchange Format. GIFs have the best of photography and video together in a single format, making it easy to use.

A GIF is not only used to convey an emotion with what you are posting or commenting on Facebook, it also works to publicize the services, promotions and products of any company or business. A GIF is simply a different way to make your products or brand stand out , especially in social networks, since today it is a widely used tool among users on Facebook and other social networks, which helps to empower them.

It’s amazing how the GIF has positioned itself in social network users and how companies or businesses use it to connect better with their audience.

Why bet on animated GIFs?Antigua and Barbuda Email lists

  1. A gif lasts a short time, which allows the user on Facebook to pay attention until the end and that the impact is greater than that of a traditional video. Without a doubt, this is a clear advantage to gain ground in your audience while the traditional videos lose it.
  2. Another advantage is that animated GIFs are automatically played in the Facebook timeline , which attracts the attention of users. In addition, they help reinforce Facebook campaigns by getting more clicks than in a traditional video.
  3. This format is gaining popularity nowadays, since not only can it be used in social networks, even since the new updates of WhatsApp and other messaging applications allow the use of GIFs to make a conversation more entertaining. Although we do not believe that they replace the famous emojis or emoticons.
  4. Not only are they attractive or attractive, they are also effective, because they improve the message of a brand or company by making it more interactive.
  5. Did you know that you can create small interactive games with a GIF ? This attracts many clicks on your GIF and especially the attention of users on Facebook.
  6. Many companies and businesses use GIFs in their Facebook content because they find them more attractive than images and are much cheaper and easier to make than a traditional video.
  7. They are a tool of great value, since they help us to offer our public a quality content and humanize our social network more.
  8. They help connect with the public in a close and direct way.
  9. They help reach younger and more active audiences.
  10. They help answer messages without using words.
  11. They are ideal to create a fun conversation between a company and followers.
  12. They are a format that people use, consume and share today.
  13. They are easy to create and viralize.
  14. They help generate affinity through the GIF and not just sell the product or service.
  15. They can be used to create games in which users can participate

Recommendations of GIFs for Facebook

GIFs do not work magically, it is important to analyze and study the behavior of your followers so that you can generate content with GIFs that are appropriate and interesting for them. So you can get more clicks on your Facebook page.

You must remember that:

  • Entertainment GIFs should last between 6 and 10 seconds.
  • Tutorial GIFs should be “slower” so that the user can read.
  • Customize the GIFs with your company logo or slogan.
  • Plan the GIFs to not saturate your audience and also appreciate other types of posts.

How to upload animated GIFs to Facebook and tools to create them.

There are many programs or tools to create your animated GIFs or take them for your Facebook page. These can be offline or online. Here is a small list of some options:

  • Photoshop : This program allows us to work with a timeline like a video editing program. Once the images have been chosen, you can place them on the line and use the layers panel to select what should be displayed and what should not. This way you create the sensation of movement.
  • Gimp : Like Photoshop, this tool allows you to work under the same layers role.
  • Loop Findr : This tool gives your video a loop effect, that is, it repeats infinitely a single movement transforming it into GIF.
  • Imgur : It is a web page that offers thousands of free GIFs and the option to create your own with a video of maximum time of 15 seconds and include some text.
  • Giphy : It has become one of the most popular and visited websites for the creation of GIFs and take the ones that other users upload to place their URL on your Facebook page.
  • Make a GIF : Unlike Imgur and Giphy, this online tool allows you to create a gif on a Youtube video or a WebCam video, as well as your own videos or images.

The process of publishing animated GIFs for Facebook is simple, you just have to copy the link where the gif or URL is and paste it into your next Facebook post, automatically the GIF will load so you can add an essay and publish it. Next, I show you how to take a GIPHY GIF to your Facebook:

  1. You enter the GIPHY website and select the GIF you like. If you do not like one that appears on the home page you can write the subject (preferably in English) about the GIF you are looking for in the search bar.
  2. When selecting the GIF, four options will appear on the right side (Favorite, Copy Link, Download, Embed), select the one that says Copy Link and open the Links box.
  3. The link that serves us is the first one, the one that says Short Link.
  4. We copy the URL of the Short Link box and it will appear on the top that our link has been saved in the clipboard.
  5. Now we go to our Facebook page and click on “Write something …” and paste our Short Link. You will see how the GIF automatically appears in our post.
  6. Since we do not want the link in our post, we delete it and write something that goes according to your publication. We click on Publish and ready, now you know how to take the GIFs from GIPHY to your Facebook, very simple, right?

In my opinion, GIPHY is the most recommended and easiest tool to use. But if you want to learn how to create your own from a video or images from scratch, with some of the most used tools, I share our article on  how to make a personalized animated gif . It includes a video tutorial, so surely you can be very useful. 

An image is worth a thousand words, an image in movement is worth 10,000! That is the power of animated images convey emotions and sensations quickly and effectively.

Tell us, do you currently use gifs in your social media posts? In what?

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