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First, it’s probably against local regulations and laws to send unsolicited messages to people who haven’t signed up for your newsletter; buying email addresses doesn’t work very well; doing so will tarnish your company’s brand; the best and most effective email vendors won’t let you use lists that you’ve purchased; if you purchase mailing lists, you’ll harm your IP’s reputation even for legitimate newsletters; and the best email address lists aren’t for sale. The concept of reaching new prospects with business email lists may sound too good to be true, and often times, it is. To send cold emails to business-to-business contacts, you need to make sure that your database is clean and up-to-date. So whether you want to roll campaigns for generating leads, expanding markets, adding new customers, reducing sales cycle time or any other our business email list database is going to be a good place to start. VIP Email Database and our in-house expert marketing team offer free education about business sales leads, B2B mailing lists, business leads, opt-in email lists, email appending services, reverse IP technology, full-service internet marketing campaigns, marketing automation and much more. Buy Email List

Our – For geographically sensitive sales projects, we can assemble comprehensive email address lists of potential customers in a specific state or city; the list can include other contact information like postal mailing address. We sell email database marketing direct mailing list also email list & sales leads. We are confident that once you see the vast leads list stored in our database, you will be ready to take your companies email marketing and phone sales to the next level.

A purchased email list comes with email addresses, names, and potentially additional data about people who have opted in to receive affiliate emails at some point in time. In fact, email marketing databases degrade about 22 percent each year as people opt-out, meaning that your purchased list is getting smaller the second you buy it. To make matters worse, the people who do open and read your emails could be people completely irrelevant to your business. Purchased lists often contain spam traps,” email addresses created specifically to catch people using these lists, and once you’re flagged with them most email clients will put your emails straight to the Spam” folder.

Our extended product-profile includes Email marketing lists, Direct mailing lists, Telemarketing lists, consumer and business analytics databases, company profiles database and more. Imagine a huge database of email addresses of people who haven’t heard of your company and didn’t give consent to receive your marketing messages. In other cases, long-dormant email addresses are used to find out which companies are not practicing responsible email marketing by scrubbing these old emails from their lists.

When faced with a mandate to produce more leads and close more deals, the knee-jerk reaction for many sales and marketing teams is buying lists to cold email. When the registration process is triggered, your email addresses are then published in a database which is then sold to spam some cases, their email lists are populated by even less legitimate means.

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