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ZMOT the zero moment of truth What is it?

The rules of the game have changed … ZMOT the zero moment of truth is now part of the buying process.

20 years ago, the purchase process fit perfectly with the traditional marketing model, going from the stimulus where the user saw an ad on the TV or newspaper, then went to a shopping center or place of exposure to acquire it (and then it arose). the first moment of truth since he was in that place with different options and information buy email list that allowed him to choose) and finally the experience (which was the second moment of truth,since in this one it is chosen if the product is re-acquired or not according to the experience generated by it). The consumer was actually a “involved” viewer only when he “made the decision” to buy carefully and stealthily guided by brands at the point of sale with the information that the same companies disclosed …Email Database

However, as Google says, the rules of the game have changed and digital marketing has evolved since the consumer has full access to information on the internet, not only what brands want to publicize, but the opinion of millions. of users, studies and experiences of which you can participate and give your opinion.

Nowadays, a person sees an ad on television or on the street and the first thing he thinks is, I’m going to look for it on the internet! And it is just at that moment that the ZMOT arises the moment of truth (Zero Moment of Truth) where the old communication of the one-way marks disappears.

Now the user navigates, explores, analyzes, asks and interacts to make the information his own and to be able to acquire a product with the certainty that it is what he is looking for and it is the best option according to the budget he has.

A story: Juanito has just received the news, his wife is expecting another baby, his needs have changed, he has doubts but he thinks that they will need another car, he does not even have a mental option of which car to choose, he likes the sports cars !, then go to the Internet and search: “what is the best family car”, “what is the gasoline consumption of …”, “what are the faults of the car …”, among many other elements, and then discover dozens of sites with information, opinions of users, reviews, performance videos, complaints and praises, at the end of the search, now yes, you already have a choice of which family auto choose and prepare to go along with your wife, to the agency to perform a driving test. There is already a ZMOT winner the zero moment of truth!

Upon arriving at the agency, when the vendor approaches to provide information, it is Juanito who begins to describe the characteristics of the car and ask specific questions about the characteristics and performance of the vehicle, it is clear that Juanito has already a lot of information with him and not is willing to believe everything the seller tells you, the car brand has a bet to win, providing assertive information and a product that really meets the needs of Juanito and his family …

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