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What It Is, Benefits and 10 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads

Lead generation is a recurring subject in conversations about digital marketing .
For marketing teams, this is one of the main tasks.

So in this post, we’re going to teach what is effectively a lead and what to do to generate a good base of leads .

However, in addition to generating aruba email lists leads, it is very important to nurture them . Since often a lead that downloads a free stuff is not ready to become a customer of your brand.

So stay with us for the next few minutes.
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Content Topics

  1. What are leads?
  2. Digital Marketing and Leads
  3. CRM and leads
  4. How to generate leads?
  5. How to nurture leads?
  6. Spam, no!

Now that we’ve aligned our thoughts, let’s begin.

What are leads?

Leads are potential customers who are interested in your product or service and, by downloading some material offered or filling in some form, leave the data for a future contact.

For example, both the case of a business card and that of an e-mail form received have the lead, which can become a buyer of the company’s products or not.

Therefore, a lead is not necessarily a potential buyer; in other words, the lead is a new contact.

Many people get confused simply by not understanding that there are different categories of leads.


What are MQL & SQL Leads?

Leads less interested in buying at first can be classified as ” MQLs “, since the most likely leads to buy are classified as ” SQLs ” (Qualified Leads for the sales department).

  • MQLs need more educational content to become SQL.
  • SQLs need persuasive materials that will lead them to make the buying decision.

Regardless of the category, relating to potential customers is a strategy that can generate a high profitability for your company, because a lead has two destinations: either be qualified , or be discarded – which is also known as “junk.”

The lead must be classified as eligible according to the criteria that the company has to determine if a person is at the time of purchase, when receiving more information or simply not the ideal customer.


Digital Marketing and Leads

The use of the term leads has become very popular in recent years, both with globalization and the growing importance of digital marketing in companies of all sizes.

Since investing in Internet marketing can generally have your return measured through conversion tracking actions, more modern companies often evaluate return on leads.

In this way, the marketing department makes online advertising investments with the expectation that it will generate at least as many leads because it understands that it will need x leads to generate a sale.

This methodology allows companies to develop their sales pipeline and better understand how their business works.


CRM and leads

The term lead is quite common in CRM (client relationship manager) tools , which are software or web services very common in business departments, such as SalesForce  or  Microsoft Dynamics .

Each CRM follows its own methodology, and it is within this methodology that the term lead must be understood.

In any case, in most cases the lead is always treated as the first contact with the company: the idea is that the lead is something that should be treated with priority, either to classify it as “junk” or to continue and start selling products.


How to generate leads for the Marketing and Sales team?

Lead generation is closely linked to inbound marketing strategies, where an attractive solution is created and offered to the public free of charge, in order to capture personal data such as name, phone and email.

With this data, he officially becomes lead.
To help you, check out  how to generate qualified leads for your business:

1. Create an Attractive Offer

Make a study about the main problem of your target audience that your product or service solves with excellence, create an attractive material with quality content, and disseminate it.

2. Capriche on Landing Page

It’s no use having an attractive offer if the landing page does not pass credibility, so capriche enough at this stage.

Landing pages need to convey the offer clearly and generate interest in the user in populating the – usually extensive – form.

3. Create Leads Qualification Fields

At this point it is very important to keep in mind what information your target audience needs to provide so that the marketing team can qualify and nurture you until you get to the point of sending it to the sales force.

4. Create Free Materials Like E-book

E-books play a very important role within a content marketing and inbound marketing strategy .

Compiling the top 15 questions of your audience and delivering creative and effective solutions is a good way to convince them that your company is trustworthy and competent to offer such a solution.

A potential customer who has shown interest in your e-book may be your future customer, so it is important to add it to a “nutrition” sequence.

5. Facebook Lead Ads

Social networking is great for mass lead generation.

With Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads it is possible to create ads for lead generation without the user leaving the platform, which greatly increases the chance of the user downloading the material.

The cost per acquisition is usually lower, however, are MQLs leads and you need to qualify them and nurture them to generate value and desire to purchase.

6. Google Ads

Within the sales funnel, Google Ads may be more useful for executing sales-focused strategies than leveraging leads.

There is a native ad creation function for lead generation in Google Ads, but you have to plan very carefully not to raise the CPA .

7. Make Webinar

If you already have an engaged audience but have not turned them around and you want to turn them into leads, doing a Webinar can be very effective.

8. Remarketing

Many people do not believe in the effectiveness of remarketing ads because of the high cost compared to traditional ads, but it can be efficient to re-impact the audience that already knows your business with creative ads for lead generation or direct them to a landing page .

9. Create a chatbot in Messenger

Well configured chatbots are very useful for lead generation and qualification.

It is possible to create automated sequences where at some point in the conversation the user is asked for some personal data and permission for an operator to make contact.

Chatbots endowed with artificial intelligence can even be configured to understand the context of the conversation and request specific user data.


Poupinha, chatbot of the portal “Poupa Tempo” of São Paulo is able to assist the user in scheduling the Poupatempo site.

Being an excellent example of a chatbot prepared for lead generation and qualification.

10. Insert capture forms on the website

You do not necessarily have to have a landing page to capture leads.
A contact form within your website is an excellent way to capture them.


How to nurture these leads?

Lead nutrition is a topic that raises many questions.
It is usually where companies get lost and end up having a negative perception about content marketing strategy or inbound marketing.

What you should do is to analyze the stage of each lead, group them together and create specific actions to nurture them, engage them and lead them to the buying stage.

See simple actions that can generate great results :

  1. Create a relationship rule via email
  2. Offer rich new materials that contribute to solving the user problem
  3. Combine sending emails, SMS, and remarketing ads

Spam, no!

Buying mailing lists and linking without permission is not an indicated nutrition practice and configures the practice of spam.

These actions can generate great user dissatisfaction and channel your messages to the spam box.



Ready! Now it’s easy to implement lead recruitment and qualification strategies for your company. Be sure to qualify them not to waste time on leads that will not produce results.

An extra tip:
Create a sales funnel and communicate differently according to the lead stage, delivering different and useful materials to the user’s decision-making process.

Do not go yet!

Also read this other comprehensive guide on the best content types to generate qualified blog leads .

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