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WordPress plugins of 2019 for your Blog

In this article we will see a large selection of wordpress plugins, both free and paid, and sorted by subject, so that you have them all  israel email list  . I have focused more on what I consider to be wordpress plugins that are absolutely essential for any project.

Let’s go there with the best WordPress plugins Free in 2019.

I’ll discover all the WordPress plugins that I have installed in my Blog, as well as some more that I think you can be very useful.

Table of Contents [hide]

How to install plugins in WordPress
Breaking myths about WordPress plugins
Good practices about WordPress plugins
Best WordPress Plugins 2019
Best plugins for WordPress for SEO
Top WordPress plugins for Social Networks
Better plugins for WordPress security
Other very interesting WordPress Plugins
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How to install plugins in WordPress
There are 3 ways to install plugins in WordPress and I describe them below:

1.- Performing a search from our WordPress.

upload wordpress plugin

2.- Uploading a WordPress plugin that we have previously downloaded.

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If you look at the previous capture, at the top you have a “Upload plugin” button, which will allow you to upload a plugin you have previously downloaded to your WordPress.

Remember to only download wordpress plugins from official and contrasted sites and thus avoid taking a bad experience.

3.- Through ftp.

I recommend you use Filezilla, it’s a free program and you can upload a plugin to your WordPress with just drag.

There is another way a little more professional, which is using the ftp of our hosting and zip all the plugins folders and then decompress it, so we can upload many plugins in a few seconds.

Breaking myths about WordPress plugins
One of the most repeated myths and errors in a blog is to think that we should install a small number of WordPress plugins to ensure a very fast upload speed, but it is NOT true.

This is so because each plugin has a different loading speed, being able to be a plugin slower than the sum of 10 plugins, or for example that we have the bad luck to choose a plugin that is not well programmed and has an error that generates a infinite loop, which can cause the loading speed to be reduced.

In my case, I use 32 WordPress plugins, you heard correctly, 32, you can see it in the following image capture that I just made of my Blog.

plugins wordpress blog

To show you this, what I have done is to test my blog’s upload speed to see how it affects the one with 32 plugins installed.

speed upload blog

As you can see in the image, the page speed of the Blog is 87/100, a score that is highly optimized and that has a clear impact on a better web positioning of the entire Blog.

Good practices about WordPress plugins
1.- Never install a plugin that has not been updated for a long time
If you install WordPress plugins that have not been updated for a long time, you will be generating a security problem, since we do not know for sure if the plugin has any vulnerability that some malicious person can access to our Blog.

2.- Always update to the latest version
We must always have updated the version of each and every one of our plugins, but before updating a plugin always remember to make a backup, so that in case of problem or incompatibility, you can undo the change.

3.- Update the plugins always one by one
It is always convenient to install wordpress plugins one at a time so that in case of failure or incompatibility it is much easier to identify the cause or the cause.

4.- Do not install plugins that you have not downloaded from official or trusted sites
At present, and although it is very sad for the blogger world, thousands of altered plugins circulate on the Internet and contain malicious scripts, with the aim of opening a back door to the person who created the malware, and to be able to access and make the changes that you want in your Blog, as if it were the administrator itself.

5.- It correctly configures all the plugins
The vast majority of plugins need us to devote a few minutes to configure it correctly, so do not fall into the error of thinking that installing and activating the wordpress plugin is all done.

Now we start with the list of the best plugins so you can get the most out of your WordPress Blog.

Best WordPress Plugins 2019
Best plugins for WordPress for SEO
yoast seoWordPress SEO by Yoast
It is the wordpress plugin plus i

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