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WordPress 3.5 final already available – WordPress Problems 3.5

The new version of WordPress 3.5 final is now available, but be very careful before updating it  germany email database  , make a full backup of your wordpress version before upgrading to WordPress 3.5.
You take the proper precautions, especially those who use many plugins in your wordpress.

Changes in the version of WordPress 3.5
New loader and image management.
Several galleries can reorder with “drag and drop” images from one to another.
Editor of attached images.
Flat icons in the visual editor.

Square buttons instead of rounds (supposedly more modern).
New default theme Twenty Twelve (Twenty Ten will no longer be in the official distribution although it can be downloaded independently).
HiDPI desktop for a better experience with retina displays.
The entire administration area is now adaptable to the device with which it is being viewed.
Improvements in the support of “embeddable” elements with oEmbed (Instagram, Slideshare, Soundcloud).
Favorite plugins.

Improvements in multisite, as now can be installed in a folder.
The name of the “HTML” editor is changed to “Text”
The link management disappears.
XML-RPC active by default (sic).
Updated APIs (TinyMCE, jQuery, jQuery UI, jCrop, and SimplePie).
Problems detected in the version of wordpress 3.5
Many problems of incompatibilities with plugins are being detected with the version of wordpress 3.5. If you notice that something is not working correctly with WordPress 3.5 I suggest you deactivate all the plugins, one by one and manually, and verify that the problem has been solved.

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A problem has been detected that some websites are completely blank after the update, if this happens to you, it is likely that your php server has run out of memory, so contact them to get it restarted, and if possible you upload the memory of your php.

Those who are having problems of incompatibility with their wordpress theme should wait for a version that corrects such failures.

I know that many of you who have suffered the problems of updating the version of wordpress 3.5 have asked “why did I hit the update button” and are looking for a way to go back, so I encourage you to share your experience with this new version.

You can comment all the problems that you have with the version of wordpress 3.5 and I will help you find the best possible solution to your problems.

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