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WordPress 3.5.1 – Bug fixes and security improvements

Good news with the arrival of the version of wordpress 3.5.1, since many of us have suffered the innumerable problems of the version of wordpress 3.5. Everyone who has version 3.5 is very recommendable to update to wordpress 3.5.1. Faults that wordpress 3.5.1 fixes In total corrects a total of 37 bugs detected  email lists australia  , then I describe some of the most important:

Editor: It prevents certain HTML elements from being unexpectedly deleted or modified in certain cases with TinyMCE.
Media: Fixed minor problems with the multimedia manager.
Networks: Propose adequate rewriting standards when creating a new network.
It prevents certain HTML codes, such as videos incorporated in a publication, from being deleted in the post-programmed ones.
Fixed problems with Javascript in the WordPress administration area.
Fixed a problem that prevented the correct update from versions prior to 3.x.
If you want to see the complete list of the 37 bugs that wordpress 3.5.1 corrects click here

WordPress 3.5.1 security flaws
Fixed a vulnerability that allowed the falsification of requests and port scanning through pingbacks.
Fixed an XSS vulnerability that affects the pUpload library.
XSS vulnerabilities are blocked and corrected by means of shortcode and post content.
It also fixes a bug that prevented windows servers that use IIS from upgrading from wordpress version 3.5 to wordpress 3.5.1. If this is your case, follow the instructions below for the update.

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I leave the links so you can download the latest version of wordpress.

Download the WordPress 3.5.1 update from the official WordPress site (in English).

Download the WordPress 3.5.1 update from the WordPress site in Spanish.

I hope your comments about this new version, and especially especially if you tell me if the version of wordpress 3.5.1 corrects the problems you had with the previous version.

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