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We tested the iPad Mini

The cards are already on the table. Apple has launched its 7-inch tablet to not allow Google or Amazon to win the game  italy email database  . The iPad Mini will be his weapon to continue crowning the tablet sector, while Samsung continues to advance in this area.

According to the latest study by the IDC consultancy, the tablet market grew by almost 50% in the third quarter of the year and Apple accounts for half of this pie. But the biggest growth has been experienced by Samsung. The Korean company has tripled sales, from 6.5% to 18.4%. The other two big winners have been Amazon, which with its Kindle Fire has sold 2.5 million units and Asus, which has grown by 243% and manages to get behind Amazon thanks to the Nexus 7.

With this panorama, Apple has had to put the batteries. The 7-inch tablets have been conquering the market, especially for its reduced price. Apple has not wanted to be left behind and since last Friday is the iPad Mini, a tablet of 7.9 inches that is marketed from 329 euros.

The situation of the market is not the same as when Apple launched its first version of the iPad, with which it has remained on the podium during these years, so the success or failure of the iPad Mini is now in the air. These are its characteristics:

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Dimensions and Screen of the iPad Mini:
Height: 20 cm
Width: 13.47 cm
Thickness: 0.72 cm
Weight (Wi-Fi): 308 g
Weight (Wi-Fi + Cellular): 312 g
Multi-touch screen backlit by LED 7.9 inches (diagonal) with IPS technology. Resolution of 1,024 x 768 to 163 pixels per inch.

FaceTime HD camera: 1.2 Mpx photos and 720p HD video
Rear camera: 5 Mpx photos and video recording in 1080p HD

Processor and battery:
Chip A5 Dual-core
Autonomy: Up to 10 hours of Internet browsing through Wi-Fi and video and music playback

Ligthning Connector
Wi-Fi network (802.11a / b / g / n; 802.11n at 2.4 and 5 GHz) and LTE connection.

Ipad Mini prices:
16 GB- 329 €
32 GB- 429 €
64 GB- € 529

Wi-Fi + 3G
16GB- € 459
32 GB- € 559
64 GB- 659 €
The iPhone is the most sold mobile in the world and now it is not only that, it is also the most reliable. This is demonstrated by the latest study carried out by the company FixYa on reliability in smartphones, which places the iPhone at the top. Despite how strange it may seem to some, the study has been completely rigorous, based on 722,558 reports of errors reported by users to assign a score to the most reliable company of all. Apple and its iPhone have captained this study with a score of 3.47, almost 300% higher than the company that ranks second, Samsung, with a score of 1.21.

The third and fourth place are occupied by Nokia with a 0.68 rating and Motorola with a practically irrelevant 0.13. It is really interesting to observe the statistics of the problems that most concern the users of each platform. Then we show them.

Ranking of the most reliable brands:
Apple: 3.47%
Samsung: 1.21%
Nokia: 0.68%
Motorola: 0.13%
We can see how Apple dominates the ranking with great difference and it is not surprising, since it has been for many consecutive years the company with the highest satisfaction rate among its customers.

Top 5 of Apple’s problems
Battery life: 35%
The lack of new features: 20%
Little personalization: 15%
Problems to connect to Wi-fi: 15%
Others: 15%
As expected the duration of the battery reigns this ranking. It really is a problem that affects all smartphones in the current market and we will see how it is also present in the other rankings, but it is true that with the update to iOS 6 many reports are being received of the short duration of the battery. Second, we find a topic that is gaining weight lately, many users see a stagnant iOS and claim new features that return it to the top of the wave.

Top 5 of Samsung’s problems
Problems with the microphone: 40%
Problems with the speaker: 20%
Battery life: 15%
Heating of the device: 15%
Others: 10%
Top 5 of Nokia’s problems
Delayed response time: 35%
A poor application ecosystem: 20%
Battery life: 20%
Heating of the device: 15%
Others: 10%
Top 5 of Motorola’s problems
The pre-installed applications: 30%
Problems with the touch screen: 25%
Speaker quality: 20%
Quality of the camera: 15%
Others: 10%
As we can see issues related to sound, which is ultimately essential in a mobile since we must not forget what is its main function, are very present in greater or lesser extent in the three companies. Also surprising is the large number of people who report problems with the microphone on their Samsung terminal, followed by speaker problems.

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