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Mydlink +, an application to monitor your home from a distance

Mydlink + transmits up to 4 cameras to see what happens in your remote house. The company D-Link launches the premium application, mydlink +, designed especially for iPad and Android ‘tablets’. This application makes it possible to monitor with high quality up to four mydlink IP cameras at the same time   taiwan email lists  . The application is available for download through iTunes or the Android Market for a special price, until December 31, of 0.79 euros.

The new application has been optimized for ‘tablets’, and allows the user to see any of their IP mydlink cameras, from any site with Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Thus, it is easier to change from one camera to another or to zoom in one of them through the monitoring panel that allows, for the first time, to see the images of four cameras at the same time.

Unlike traditional webcam, the D-Link DCS-930L camera has a stand-alone operation and does not need to be connected to a computer to transmit high-quality video and audio for remote and home surveillance.

If the user is not at home and wants to increase security, it is also possible to configure the cameras to detect movement in a certain area (the entrance door, the garage) and if an intrusion occurs, the system will send an alert as email with the image of the event attached.

mydlink + allows you to watch children from the next room or control the house or office while there is nobody in them. Also, mydlink can grow depending on the needs (up to a maximum of 4 cameras).

The portal offers the user the possibility to see the most precious people and objects, from any device connected to the Internet, computers, smartphones and iOS or Android tablets, 24 hours a day and through high-quality real-time video. quality.

“Remote monitoring gives you the security of knowing what is happening in your house. The advantage is that when you want to see it, you do not have to be sitting in front of a PC, but you can do it from anywhere, “says D-Link Iberia sales and marketing director, Antonio Navarro.

Mydlink + is an application for your business and your home
If you have small children at home, mydlink + may be an ideal application for you.

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