Facebook, free thanks to advertising

Facebook spreads a page that promotes and clarifies how your ads work. Facebook users have found a surprise when entering this morning  scotland email lists  . At the top there was a notice to learn more about the ads that appear on the social network.

In this way we discover the vision that Facebook wants to give about advertising: “Ads keep Facebook free”. And he clarifies: “from the beginning, the people we make Facebook have wanted it to be free for everyone. Now it costs us millions of dollars to keep it, thanks to the ads we can pay for it “. That is to say, in no case do they indicate that this is their business, but that it serves them to pay what it costs to maintain it.

The following highlighted phrase underlining the benefits of its support is: “You can choose the ads you see.” The arguments try to please the user more than the advertiser himself. “Unlike advertising on television, on Facebook the impact is greater because you only see what interests you. If something does not go with you, you give “x” and it goes away “.

In three, supposedly, simple steps Zuckerberg’s network sums up the operation: First a business creates an ad, then pays Facebook to spread it. Finally, they say, it reaches the right people.

Little visible at first glance, at the bottom of the page there is a drop-down menu with “frequently asked questions”. Among them: “Is it true that Facebook sells my data to make money?”. He denied. Another clear question is whether the Palo Alto company receives money even if advertising is not clicked. The answer is yes.

The measure in which they are more lean and strict is when answering why you can not access Facebook without ads: “No, you can not, but you can choose which ones you want to see”.

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