What is a Community Manager, what does it do and what are its functions + Downloadable Templates in Excel

You may have noticed looking for job offers on the Internet that most companies look for Community Managers; it is one of the most demanded profiles. But what is the Community Manager? What does it do and what are its main functions? Are you really only in charge of putting states and interacting in social networks? Canadian CTO CIO Email List

 Whether you want to know what a Community Manager is or if you want to become one, you can not miss this complete guide that we are about to share with you. Take note and, above all, get rid of the stereotypes; Being a Community Manager is more than meets the eye.Canadian CTO CIO Email List

In the article you will find tips and tools that are very useful and practical in the day to day of the community, as well as 2 templates that you can download in excel format to analyze the competition in social networks and to make an editorial calendar.Canadian CTO CIO Email List

Very Complete Guide to the #CommunityManager for Beginners
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What is a community manager?
Community Manager skills
Community Manager functions
5 Tips to overcome the day to day of a Community Manager
Responsibilities of a community manager
15 Basic tools for the Community Manager
Tips to find community manager job
Tips when hiring a community manager
How much does a community manager charge?
Course of Community Manager in Valencia and Online
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You can take it in person in Valencia or Online from anywhere in the world.
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What is a community manager?
Let’s start with the basics. The truth is that this professional is called or denominated in many different ways: specialist in social networks, mediator in social networks, expert in social media, in charge of digital strategies, an “update-status” … This custom of putting different names makes its function unclear, however, the Community Manager is a bit of everything that is said about him and more things.

In addition to writing small things in the networks, this profile is responsible for sustaining, growing and defending the image of the company in the digital sphere; whether in front of clients, potential clients, media or competitive companies. It also has to organize the digital communities in which the company participates. In order to carry out this task, it must know the strategic expositions of the company and the interests of the clients.

Defining the Community Manager profile

With the digital era everything has changed, not only because the consumer now has more means through which they can communicate, but because the intermediaries no longer exist and we can talk directly to the brand, complain directly on their website or their Facebook page and even create and debate in forums on any product or topic.

Addressing this reality requires knowledge, not only the management of networks, both vertical and horizontal, but also marketing and public relations knowledge is needed to manage image crises and develop promotion strategies through networks.

So, to be clear, this professional is in charge of communication and the reputation of a company in the digital field.

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