How to get thousands of subscribers to a Blog with a single WordPresss plugin

Getting subscribers is one of the main objectives that we set when we have a professional Blog. Until very recently, if you wanted to get subscribers for your Blog you had to “scratch your pocket” and acquire a payment module, but now with SumoMe you can transform your Blog into a great tool to get thousands of subscribers each week, and all of it without any economic cost  bermuda email lists  . In this post I tell you how I got 10,000 subscribers in just one year.

With Sumome you can now get more than 10,000 subscribers a year #blog #SM
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Bermuda Email Lists

Simple reasons for the importance of getting subscribers
It allows you to convert your readers into subscribers.
You can offer something special to your subscribers like; courses, ebooks, exclusive information, etc.
As Laura Rivas says, to have a list of subscribers is to have one of the best tools for the sale of your products, “in the list is the money”.
It allows you to increase the visits of your Blog.
Get visits Vs get subscribers
As Jay Baer says, if we write in our Blog about general topics related to our subject, we will have more “baits in the water”, referring to the water to the Google search engine, so it will be easier to get more visits. He explains it in this very simple way:

Write about general topics = More visits, less virality and we will get fewer subscribers.

Limit the topics of the Blog = Less visits, more virality and we will get more subscribers

How to get subscribers with SumoMe?
SumoMe is a free WordPress plugin that gives us interesting features that I will describe below and that are divided into three functionalities.

List Builder
list builder sumome

This is the star functionality of the WordPress plugin SumoMe, and with which you can get thousands of subscribers for your Blog.

statistic list builder

It is true that we all bother the pop up subscription within a Blog, but I can assure you that it is the tool that works best with much difference, and in my case through this functionality I have got more than 4,500 subscribers in a year .

Scroll Box
scroll box sumome

With this functionality of Sumome you can add an animated subscription box that will appear on the side of the Blog, and that can be a very effective tool to get subscribers.

Smart Bar
smart bar sumome

With this Sumome module you can install a horizontal bar at the top of your blog, which you can use to get subscribers, as well as to promote and bring traffic to a particular page.

The configuration is very simple and you can configure it to be present all the time or to disappear when the reader is reading the post and is scrolling down.

Sumome functionalities to increase traffic and social viralization
highlighter sumome

This SumoMe functionality will allow your Blog articles to be shared through Social Networks more easily.

To do this, the user only has to select a piece of text from our article so that the option to share on Twitter or Facebook appears, thus increasing the virality of your content.

This greater viralization of your content will give you an increase in social traffic. I have increased traffic by 200% from social networks in a single year.

evolution social traffic


Image Sharer
image sharer sumome

If we activate this SumoMe functionality, each and every one of our Blog images can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Undoubtedly it is a mechanism to provide more virality to the infographics we use in the articles.

I recommend that you choose to place the share button at the top or bottom of the image, otherwise it will go unnoticed with the infographics.

In the first 2 weeks since using SumoMe, this functionality has allowed an infographic to be shared 40 times.

share sumome
This functionality allows you to add a bar to share on social networks. The good thing about this functionality is we can choose the social networks that we want to appear in the bar and that has a very good mobile version.

Its use can increase up to 20 web traffic to your Blog.


Sumome usability functionalities
Heat Maps
heat map sumome

If you activate this functionality of Sumome you will be able to see where the users click, a very important aspect for us to see the “heat zones” of the clicks and very important to analyze the usability.

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