WhatsApp is a system that keeps more than 700 million people connected to the world, and this figure does not stop growing  australia email lists   . This has made sending WhatsApp advertising an effective marketing tool to increase the sales of many companies and businesses.

It also draws attention that with these figures reached, the application for mobile devices surpasses its sister Facebook, which reaches the figure of 500 million users.

In this article I will teach you:

Legal aspects of advertising by WhatsApp.
Examples of companies that use WhatsApp to advertise.
Strategies to use the Whatapp Marketing.
Tips and tricks for WhatsApp.
How to send advertising by WhatsApp in bulk.
Best free applications to improve your WhatsApp
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Send advertising by WhatsApp – Examples and Tools
1.- Legal aspects of sending advertising by WhatsApp
2.- Examples of companies that use WhatsApp to advertise
3.- Strategies to use the WhatsApp Marketing
4.- Tips and tricks for WhatsApp
5.- Tool to send advertising by WhatsApp in a massive way
6.- Best free applications to improve your WhatsApp
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1.- Legal aspects of sending advertising by WhatsApp
One of the creators of the tool mentioned in the blog of the application a phrase that I liked and says;

Advertising is not only against the aesthetic of an application, but it is an insult to your intelligence and an interruption to your thoughts.

The tool itself does not include advertising, at least for now, but many marketing and advertising companies are seeing it as a means of selling and include it in the design of their online marketing strategies, but we must pay a special attention to the strict compliance with the law, and specifically I am referring to the Law of Services of the Information Society (LSSI), and thanks to my colleague Jesús Pérez Serna, I am going to quote 2 articles referring to the risks involved in sending advertising by Whatsapp.

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It is prohibited to send advertising or promotional communications by electronic mail or any other electronic means of communication that previously had not been requested or expressly authorized by the recipients of the same.

Article 21.1 LSSI paragraph 2

The provisions of the previous section will not apply when there is a prior contractual relationship, provided that the provider had obtained lawfully the contact data of the recipient and used to send commercial communications concerning products or services of your own company. that are similar to those that were initially subject to contracting with the client.

2.- Examples of companies that use WhatsApp to advertise
Here I will expose some examples of creative campaigns carried out by WhatsApp, so that we can see that money is not so important to carry out a campaign of this type, but the originality and creativity of the strategy, which is where the value of it lies.

Campaign “Spreading the word not the disease”

Awareness campaign on AIDS that was carried out through WhatsApp, where we can see a very original and creative strategy to raise awareness among many people.

Campaign “Hybridize with Toyota and WhatsApp”

A campaign carried out by the Toyota brand to promote its hybrid car models, which consisted of asking users to change their WhatsApp status to “Hybridized”, thus entering the weekly 5 Iphone 5 raffle.

The campaign got more than 33,000 visits and 6,500 registered users in just one month.

Send advertising by Whatsapp infographic

Jaén business doubles the sale of snacks thanks to WhatsApp

This example I have seen in a post by María Bretón, and it seems great how such a simple and simple idea can improve the sales of a business. In this case, the main customer of the snacks business are the students of the institute who can place their order minutes before going out to recess and thereby avoid queues and the hassle they generate.

The strategy of communication with their customers through WhatsApp has allowed them to double sales.

Send Advertising by Whats App – Examples and Tools very Useful
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